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Special Features

  • Using simple measures, the paver can be re-equipped so that the driver can work in the usual way but moving backwards. No major adjustments are required of the driver when working with machinery.

  • Due to the fact that paving takes place along-side the paver, optimal control of the
    paving process by the driver is made possible.

  • The paver is equipped with a signal light unit indicating green-red-green which assists communication with the driver of the material feeder concerning optimal influence when amending mixture conveyance.

  • 100 % insurance can be given that no material can drop in to the vicinity of the pavers path, due to horizontal conveyance of the paving material.

  • A balanced working condition of the paver is reached by ballasting the standard material hopper. Mixture conveyance from the feeder truck has no negative influence on the static performance of the under-carriage.

  • The push rollers to dock the truck on to the paver can be adjusted easily and so can be fitted on to the trucks.

  • A second horizontal auger serves to empty the far side paving material completely and to guide the paving material to the working side.

  • The material hoppers are shiftable and can be slid-in when the machine is being
    moved so that the working-width is around 2,5 m. The hopper can also be tipped up.

  • Regulation of layer thickness is supported via four hydraulic cylinders
    (two in the front and two at the back), enabling a very sensitive grade control
    resulting a level paving.

  • The same result can be achieved by paving with a levelling system of following variants: one sensor, two sensors or with a horizontal slope sensor.

  • The receptacle plate for screed installation is mounted on to the tension arm of
    working side. The screed can be adjusted with no allowance to required working width on a guide mandril. Besides the normal set-up, directional correction can be carried out – comparable to extension screeds – by using an associated hydraulic system.

  • By choosing torque and tamper-lifting set-up the operating performance of
    compression can be coordinated with the installed tamper compression aggregate.

  • The generator installed in the paver, powers the heating rods for tampers and
    screed plates.

  • In opposition to other pavers the side limitation of the screed is not static but can
    be moved, enabling reduction of the real working width to a minimal size
    (up to 15 cm) if required.

  • To ensure that the paving material is spread in front of the screed, even at high working widths, the material screed is supported by two hydraulically-driven paddles.

Technical data

Basic paver:   VÖGELE „Super 1502“ 

Weights: Tractor:  10.500 kg
  Material hopper
with pushing device:
  1.800 kg
  Screed 750 mm:  235 kg
Transport dimensions: Width:  2.500 mm
  Length when hopper is tipped:  5.500 mm
Power unit: DEUTZ diesel engine type F4L912
51 kW (70 hp) at 2650 rpm
Under-carriage: 2 Front wheels mounted on oscillating axle  
  2 Rear wheels at driving axle with locking differential   
Steering: axle pivot steering with hydraulic-steering cylinder  
Note (!): Changing direction demands
modification of steering Machine
is not appropriate for use in traffic.
  1,2 bis 8 m/ min
Material hopper: Variable slide, max height
  800 mm
Truck push
roller system:
 Variable, adjustable  
 Seperately driven, regulated up to
max. 60 rpm, rotating auger shafts.
Mounted with 250 mm auger blade
segments that convey the paving
Material from the front of the trough
to the end.

On demand, horizontal conveyance
can be supported by hydraulically
driven auxiliary paddle

Paving screed: Width of screed  750 mm
  2 x coupling within selection
scale hydraulically
  1.500 mm
  Sides slidable up to:  150 mm
  With mechanical spindle
bendable up to:
  20 %
  Electrically heated with 3 heating rods
Selectable tamper-lifting conversion
  2, 4, 7 mm
thickness set up to
  30 mm
  Automatic thickness regulation
by levelling system
via reference grade and 2 grade
sensors functioning longwise
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